Sculptures de Glace!

I’m currently teaching about Quebec’s Winter Carnival to my grade 7 class, and as an attempt to integrate culture into the classroom, I had my students build ice sculptures yesterday in groups of three or four. They ended up having a lot of fun planning what they were going to build and making their structures as a team. It was very little work on my end because I had sent home a letter asking parents to help my students freeze ice shapes and to bring them to school. Many parents even added food colouring to the ice! Tomorrow, we’ll be judging each sculpture by voting on a positive adjective that best describes it. Here’s how they turned out!

photo 1 (2)

The Citadel

Frozen Pizza

The Frozen Pizza

Abstract Art

The Abstract Art

The Patriotic One

The Patriotic One

The Classic Ice Castle

The Classic Ice Castle

A Creeper from Minecraft

The Minecraft Creeper


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