Reggae, Antiques, and Generally Good Smelling Things

You know that when your shopping purchases shift from clothes, bags, and shoes to specialized honey, coffee, and antique teacups, it might be a sign of nesting.

Oh and a kitchen towel. I also bought a lovely kitchen towel today. I didn’t plan on it, but it happened.

I have never thought Red Deer to be a culture scene, but this weekend has proven me wrong. I spent Friday night with a couple of friends at Fratters – a local lounge with a twist of flare from the 1920s. A very happy reggae band by the name of Tasman Jude was playing and it didn’t take much for people to get up and dance. I especially liked how their lyrics were so positive and up-lifting. I embedded a video below – have a listen!

Today was a spontaneous day of exploring. I was on my way to pick up groceries, when I heard on the radio about the Christmas Market and Antique Show at Westerner Park, so I changed directions, drove over and spent the next couple of hours walking up and down isles and gazing at booth after booth of beautiful and curious items. On my way out, I spied a dainty gold-rimmed teacup and saucer and bought it with very little hesitation. The elderly man told me it was from the 1940s, but it doesn’t have the typical bone china teacup designs. I love the wave of the rim and the embossed design! Am I boring you yet? When did I turn 65?

Well anyway, I ventured over to the Christmas market and was drawn to the best smelling booths. I ended up buying a small jar of locally made chai honey after the lady gave me a sample of it mixed in with hot chocolate almond milk. My new favourite winter drink has been spawned. I continued to saunter around and before I knew it, my nose led me to a coffee booth where I ended up with a bag of butter crunch toffee ground coffee. I can’t wait to brew it!

After the market, I went to my favourite café in town and had a quinoa salad, marvelled at the art in the adjoining gallery, and… bought a kitchen towel. I think I must have a weakness in friendly salespeople, because it’s hard for me to say no to friendly. I didn’t even think of buying a kitchen towel today but the lady was so helpful and informative. And then I thought, I don’t have a nice one, I should invest in a nice kitchen towel. Ludicrous, you say? Maybe. But you should see the towel. It’s so pretty.

There really isn’t a point to this post. Just my day. I proceeded afterward to buy muffin ingredients and am going to attempt to make a batch tonight! An update on that will follow soon.

I hope you’re having a lovely day.


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