Reflections on Traveling

The view of the beautiful Château Frontenac from the St. Lawrence River.

The view of the beautiful Château Frontenac from the St. Lawrence River.

This week has been so full of joy and blessings. My classes continue to push me to new limits and they have really stretched my skills in French. Conversation classes have been more lively lately and I absolutely love how much we laugh in class. I am exploring the city with every chance I get (and getting quite lost along the way), making new friends, saying good-bye to old ones, and getting to know the present ones better each day. I feel so grateful to have met these people – it is very bittersweet (or as the French say, doux-amer) as people come and go so quickly. Recently, these friends and I made our way over to Lévis (just across the St. Lawrence River) one blazing hot afternoon for the town’s famous ice cream; later that evening we had dinner in Vieux Québec on the terrace. Yesterday was another night out at our new favourite restaurant (Chez Boulay on Rue St. Jean) and tonight we had poutine with other students from the school before settling ourselves down on some steps to listen to the reggae concert in Place D’Youville.  I wish I could list all the funny moments and record all the wonderful conversations that I’ve had this month to share with you – but I guess it’s more of the feeling these moments bring me than the actual words themselves. It’s been an eventful month so far and it saddens me to think that it will be over soon.

If I could describe this trip with one adjective, it would have to be life-giving. From the start to the present – I feel like a part of me has come alive.  I don’t know if it’s the energy in this city, the people I’ve met, being immersed in a language that I love, or just simply the thrill of being free in a faraway place. It’s probably all of the above. When separate, these things are lovely, but when mixed together, it is sublime.



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