Parc National de Jacques Cartier

Photo 2014-07-19, 2 11 25 PM

The past few days have been quite busy! I managed to see the Farmer’s Market by the Vieux Port, the beautiful old train station, Place Royale (a UNESCO Heritage Site), The Museum of CivilizatioPhoto 2014-07-19, 2 12 12 PMn, and walk along the boardwalk in front of Château Frontenac.

Today, I visited the beautiful Jacques Cartier National Park for the second time in 4 years. My first time was in 2010 when I went with a large group of students to go white water rafting. This year, I went with two other students from school and we went hiking along the Jacques Cartier River. The weather was absolutely perfect and there was not a single mosquito in sight. You just can’t help but take the largest breath of fresh air as you hike – good for the body and good for the soul.

My camera doesn’t do the landscape justice. So many shades and layers of green and such vivid blues in the sky and water cannot be captured with a mere camera lens. While the Rockies in the west are towering and majestic, the Laurentians tell an old story. I imagined the early Mi’kmaq tribes guiding French explorers through the rapids and forests – introducing to the newcomers the canoe for the first time. After learning about Canada’s history this past year, I couldn’t help but marvel at how the early European explorers had managed to settle in such rugged and wild land. And I am all the more grateful that this beautiful park has been preserved for us today.Photo 2014-07-19, 10 41 00 AM


Photo 2014-07-19, 2 48 39 PM




Photo 2014-07-19, 3 05 44 PMPhoto 2014-07-19, 2 55 48 PM


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