Rainy Days in Québec


This was probably my favourite moment during the concert - turning around and seeing a sea of lights.

This was probably my favourite moment during the concert – turning around and seeing a sea of lights.

Well, we’ve got a couple more students who have arrived at the school and also at our house. I’m glad that there is a new mix of students every week – it makes class a little more interesting when the dynamics change. I made a friend this week from Texas – she’s also a teacher (funnily the majority of students at our school are teachers or are studying to be a teacher), and we have all our classes together. My classes are getting tougher.. I think our teacher realized that we were more advanced than he had thought so now we are doing work that sometimes makes me want to bang my head repeatedly on the table. But I do take comfort knowing that I will never have to teach my students what I am learning now.

It has been raining on and off for the last couple of days here. Thankfully, Diane lent me a poncho that I could wear to Bryan Adams’ concert (because we are not allowed to use umbrellas). Despite the dismal weather, it was a beautifully unifying concert. I knew more of his songs than I had thought and during (Everything I do) I do for you, it felt like we were amongst stars in the sky with all the lit cellphones around us.

Photo 2014-07-15, 4 43 50 PM

The inside of Québec’s Notre Dame

As it was raining again today, I decided to spend the afternoon at the Musée d’amerique francophone with a friend. Established in 1663 as a seminary, this is Canada’s oldest museum! Having previously taught Canadian history, I had a jolly good time – I kept thinking how I wish my students could see this as well. Later on, we visited the Notre Dame of Québec which was just beside the museum.

I have now finished my homework and have mentally noted to myself to not ask Diane for help anymore in the future because she is too eager and gives away all the answers before I even have a chance to read the questions. And when I asked her not to tell me the answers, she would wait for about 5 seconds and then exclaim, “Mais c’est facile! C’est facile!” (But it’s easy! It’s easy!).

If it’s not raining tomorrow, I’m hoping to visit the Citadel, but if it is… well maybe I’ll find a poutinerie and catch up on some reading :)


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