An Eventful Day

Monsieur Arbasto holding the drawing of the Rue de Trésor - the very street we are in!

Monsieur Arbasto holding the drawing of the Rue de Trésor – the very street we are in!

Yesterday was my birthday and I…

1. Went to school in the morning (on Fridays, we have the afternoons off!). We had a quiz that I had forgotten to study for (oops) and we learned how to differentiate between different French accents from France, Quebec, Switzerland, Acadia, and the Mediterranean. Later, we played a werewolf version of mafia with other students for our conversation class

2. Had lunch with some of the students from school at a restaurant called Bureau de Poste (Post Office). I was sitting with another Canadian and two students from Switzerland so we were able to share and learn about our different cultures over salads, burgers, and fries.

3. Went shopping in Old Québec and wandered onto a street I had not seen since 2008 when I was in Chicoutimi – La Rue de Trésor. This is a narrow street of Québec’s local artists and artisans. I ended up buying a pen and ink drawing of La Rue de Trésor from a very jolly man named Johann Arbasto.

4. Snacked peacefully on cheese and grapes under the shade of a tree while listening to a street performance and taking in my surroundings. Something so simple brings me such joy.

5. Returned to the house just in time for another one of Diane’s lovely dinners. We had a delicious bamboo shoot casserole, greek salad, and a pineapple cake for dessert.

6. Went out to see Blondie and Billy Joel on the Plains of Abraham! It was nothing short of amazing. I have never in my life seen so many people – but what a surreal experience! It’s one thing to hear Billy Joel on my iPod but hearing him live was sublime.

7. Skyped with a sister until 2AM – it was so good to be able to share and listen and just laugh at each other’s silliness. It was the perfect end to a long but eventful day.


Not a bad start to my 26th year I think! Not bad at all.


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