My Arrival in La Belle Province

A painting by Diane's mum - Henriette Bouchard.

A painting by Diane’s mum – Henriette Bouchard.

Two flights, two Gravol lozanges, and one Tim Horton’s lunch later, I have finally made it to Québec City! I have not mentioned very much about my Québec plans on my blog, but I have for over a year been wanting to immerse myself in studies in Québec. I had done a lot of research of different language schools and I finally found one called Bouchereau Lingua International (BLI). God has been gracious and has provided for me financially with a grant and a bursary – and now here I am.

As always before arriving in a new place by myself, I was nervous – but very excited. I spent some time praying about my stay here. I prayed for a kind home stay family and that my French would come back and improve during this month.

I was most anxious about my home stay family. All I was told before arriving was that I would be living with a 50-60 year old lady. What a lovely surprise to find a spunky and humourous lady full of joie de vivre. Her name is Diane and her home is spacious, inviting and charming – the rooms are painted with reds, oranges, and yellows and her mother’s scenic paintings of Québec hang on the walls. I was surprised to discover that there were three other students living in her house – there is Daniel (from Switzerland), Noémy (also from Switzerland), and Alex (from Brazil). Daniel and I arrived today and Noémy has been living here since April, and I have not yet met Alex. We had our first supper together tonight of spaghetti, salad, and red wine followed by cake and pineapple.

After supper, Diane showed us around the neighbourhood and helped us purchase bus passes. What a surprise to find – in the middle of a quiet community – a shopping mall, two grocery stores, and a dozen restaurants and shops only a couple of blocks away!

God has indeed answered my prayers – once again, in more ways than I could have imagined. Tomorrow will be my first day of school and I have to get up at 6:00 AM… that will take some getting used to.

But for tonight, Diane, Noémy, and I are going to walk somewhere (I’m not too sure where) to listen to some jazz (from July 3-13th, it’s Québec’s annual Summer Festival and there is music playing somewhere in town every night!). I will update more tomorrow.



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