Verse Art

Because our school is so small, not all junior high students are able to take art. In fact, there is only room for a couple of grade 9 students and the rest is reserved for high school. This leaves my grade 7s and 8s itching for any opportunity to draw or work with their hands. So I’ve been doing a lot of cross-curricular activities with Art and Bible class.

I came across this wonderful blog post one day while planning for a Bible class, and I tried it out right away! The kids responded really well to it and were completely engaged – I was so excited to put their work up in the halls and they received a lot of positive feedback from both students and teachers.

We have been doing topical studies in Bible class and had recently finished a lesson on greed, so I gave students a list of verses on greed, had them look each up and pick one to make a visual reminder for themselves. I’m planning on laminating these so students can post them at home where they can always be reminded of the verse they chose for themselves. The best part about this project was that each one was unique in the style (and sometimes personality) of the student.

Photo 2014-02-07 4 52 21 PM

Luke 12:15

Photo 2014-02-07 4 52 33 PM

Ecclesiastes 5:10

Photo 2014-02-07 4 52 38 PM

Ecclesiastes 5:11

Photo 2014-02-07 4 52 46 PM

1 John 5:17

Photo 2014-02-07 4 52 53 PM

Ecclesiastes 5:10

Photo 2014-02-07 4 53 01 PM

Matthew 6:24


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