An Italian Carousel


So I went out this last weekend, bought my watercolour supplies, and got right to work! I chose to sketch the merry-go-round in Florence, Italy located in the Piazza Repubblica. This merry-go-round had caught my eye from afar when I was taking a solo stroll  down the street and I just had venture down to the Piazza to take a closer look.

The wording was a little difficult to make out, and I have since fixed it in the painting, but at the top of the carousel it reads “L’Antica Giostra della Familglia Picci” (The old merry-go-round of the Picci Family).

It took me a couple of hours to sketch it from my photograph. In retrospect, I think it was probably a little too ambitious of a choice as there is a TON of detail! Nevertheless, I finished and couldn’t wait to paint it the following day!

It doesn’t resemble my photo very much colour-wise (I still need to get used to using my new paints), it has some pretty bad mistakes if you look at it up close, and it definitely doesn’t do the real thing justice, but looking at it makes me happy.


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