First week of School – An Exhausting Success.


I just got through the first week of school and boy was it madness. I met all my students and they are wonderful – but the planning part has hit me hard. Every night this past week, I’ve stayed at school until 9 pm (sometimes 10 pm) – and it still seems like I still don’t have enough time. This year will be my second year of teaching and I have a whole new range of subjects that I have never taught before. I’m teaching junior high English Language Arts, Social Studies, a Bible Class, and Grade 1 and 2 Math. So far this week, there have been glitches in the schedules which means I have to constantly think on my feet. For example, the high school math class sometimes has a class in the room where I am supposed to teach grade 2 math, which means I need go to another room where I don’t have my supplies and papers ready. *Sigh*.


But confusion aside, I am surprised how “at home” I’ve felt since the first day. My colleagues have made it so easy for me to adjust and get to know everyone and my students have been so forgiving (classroom switches and all) and very responsive to my lessons. I am very thankful for the words of encouragement from parents and other teachers this week. I realize that I am still very hard on myself and I often focus on all the hiccups that I ignore all my successes – so I am grateful that others have reminded me of all the good that has happened.


Today is Saturday – I woke up at 11:30 am, took a nap at 1 pm, and woke up at 4:30 pm.  I think I am caught up on all the lost hours of sleep this week! And it hasn’t even been a full 5-day week at school…

I’m constantly relying on God’s strength. I cling to Him and I keep telling myself: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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