Reflections and Blessings

I can’t believe my first year of teaching is over. I am left feeling bittersweet – I’m going to miss so many people.

It’s incredible how much God has blessed me during my time here. It was nothing I even expected.

I still remember my feelings of disappointment and loneliness when I had first arrived in town way back in August – and now it is the end of June and I am tearing up saying goodbye to so many friends and wonderful memories.

Nothing was the way I had imagined it would be.

I am left speechless because I have been utterly blessed – more than I can count! But for the sake of my love for documenting, let me try listing:

1. Curling team and bonspiel

2. Weekly boardgames nights

3. Out of control backyard bonfires

4. Day trips to Grande Prairie and Peace River

5. Movies – the good, the poorly written, and the horrifying

6. Ladies Night

7. Wine tasting (and hard liquor and beer)

8. Karaoke nights – group songs and duets

9. Tea and conversations

10. Unexpected friendships outside of school

11. First time golfing

How great is God to completely turn this year that I had thought was a mistake at first into one of the most incredible and rewarding experiences I have had.

I am so grateful and so utterly humbled. What a gift this year was.

Despite all the hardships and tears I’ve had – the good outshines everything.

And I am left feeling stronger, wiser, thankful, and in awe.


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