Letting Me Be Me

I went out to a karaoke bar tonight with co-workers and I realized that I really don’t enjoy being in noisy and dimly lit settings where I have to shout to talk to the person sitting next to me.

I feel much more comfortable and happy in the exact opposite of such a place – quiet, lots of light, and a small group of people.

As I sat in the bar tonight, I was reminded of who I am.

Sometimes, I like to just sit and listen and observe – and that is exactly what I felt like doing tonight.

To others, I probably seemed like a buzz kill, but that’s just who I am sometimes. I’m very drawn to my own thoughts and after many years of chastising myself for not being more sociable, I’m finally accepting and embracing this side of me.

So what if I’m not making my way around the bar talking to different people (or shouting rather)?

As long as I’m having a good time, who cares? And yet I am having a better time right now in peace and quiet writing on my blog than I was two hours ago in that bustling lounge. I couldn’t help but think to myself while I was there how much I looked forward to reading my book in my bed.

And that’s okay.

It used to bother me that I am not more outgoing – but over time, I’ve come to understand that it’s okay to be the way I am.

Sometimes I wish more people could understand the mind of an introvert.

It goes against how society dictates a 20 something year old should be, but I’ve realized that it is wonderful.

I know who I am and I will let me be me.

Accepting yourself is just as important as accepting others.


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