Self Portraits

I can hardly believe this year is coming to an end! It is incredible how much has happened since day one in September. I’ve discovered that I quite enjoy teaching art.There’s something so calming and relaxing about art that it just seems to suit my personality and teaching style better than other courses I’ve taught.

One major project that we had finished recently in my senior high class was self-portraits. We did 2 kinds – one was done in pencil and the other was done in acrylic in the style of pointillism. I was a bit leery at first about having students use arbitrary colouring because I had never done it before and didn’t want it to turn out too bizarre. To my delight, these kids did a wonderful job!

We hung their pictures behind glass frames in the main foyer at school.

Photo 2013-06-18 7 18 07 PM Photo 2013-06-18 7 17 59 PMPhoto 2013-06-18 7 18 24 PMTomorrow I have to take them down since it’s our last day of classes for junior and senior high students.

I’m so proud of what they’ve done. I will miss teaching this class.


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