City Withdrawal

Photo 2013-05-18 10 45 31 AM

We adore frozen yogurt. Especially when they come in flavours like red velvet.

I spent the long weekend in the city with my dear friends from university whom I haven’t seen in what seems like forever.  It was exactly what I needed my long weekend to be.

But now… I think I’m going through city-withdrawal.

Ever since I’ve arrived back in this small town, I’ve been feeling so melancholy. I miss my friends and I miss being in the city – hearing the traffic and seeing people everywhere – now, I feel almost isolated. Despite the peacefulness of living in a small town and having friends that I can hang out with regularly here, I really do prefer the city life.

It was revitalizing to be with friends I had once been inseparable with. We make each other laugh so easily – it was the best stress-reliever to reminisce together and to catch each other up on our lives. At one point, we stayed up until 2am talking that we got so hungry we went to a 24 hour McDonalds for double cheeseburgers, fries, and chicken McNuggets.

Here are a couple of highlights of my weekend:

Photo 2013-05-18 1 08 15 PM

Window shopping uptown with black tea lemonades in hand. Music was everywhere in the streets – there was even a rhythm section.

Photo 2013-05-18 2 01 57 PM

I was delighted to find these adorable toddler books on classic literature.

Photo 2013-05-18 11 15 26 AM

Farmer’s Markets – quite possibly one of my favourite things ever.

Photo 2013-05-18 11 34 17 AM

We had brunch at the market – I had a galette with tomato, goat cheese, and egg topped with an arugula salad with grated edam.

Photo 2013-05-18 12 07 06 PM

There was a stand that was chock full of row upon row of asparagus.

Photo 2013-05-18 12 31 35 PM

It was a beautiful afternoon, we could hear musicians on their violins, smell kettle corn, see wonderfully crafted artisan products – it made my day.

We ran into some friends who told us about this warehouse where fashion bloggers were selling their clothes, shoes, and bags for cheap. I found a lovely $8 blouse that day!

We ran into some friends who told us about a warehouse where fashion bloggers were selling their clothes for cheap. I found a lovely $8 blouse that day!

Photo 2013-05-19 1 34 54 AM

In the evening, we painted nails, sipped tea, watched a hilarious movie, and of course talked and talked.

Photo 2013-05-19 1 45 50 AM

My friend recommended an amazing bakery, so we went and got ourselves a dozen assorted macarons.

Photo 2013-05-19 1 48 19 AM

The best pizza I’ve had in a long time – a classic Margherita with pistachio pesto!

It’s funny… as I’ve been writing this post and as I’ve been reflecting on each moment, my feelings of melancholy are gradually dissipating. I am actually beginning to feel more grateful about my weekend than I am gloomy that it’s over. I look back now and I am thankful for the people and the events that were a part of it.


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