A Seventh Grade Story

Today I gave my junior high students this writing assignment:

Select a memory from your own life, but tweak it so that it becomes fiction. You can make it sci-fi, add new characters, change the setting, etc. but it has to be based on a true life event.

Here is a story that had me laughing out loud:

*Note: I have left the grammar/spelling untouched and all names are made-up.

Once on a very foggy day a man named Ray decided to go fishing with his friend Gavin. So he called him and Gavin said he would so ray picked him up.

They drove out to the nearest lake which was Lake Superior. When they got their Ray took the boat for a test run while Gavin got the fishing rods ready. When Ray got back Gavin was ready so they got on the boat and went out.

Ray remembered that time Gavin pulled a prank on him to he was going to get revenge. So when Gavin was off guard he pushed him off. Then Gavin yelled he couldn’t swim and Ray jumped in and got Gavin on the boat.

The Ray said that he saw sharks to startle Gavin. Gavin just hopped out to help Ray but when Ray got on the boat he said “I lied there no sharks here”. But Ray was thinking of a different lake and Gavin was attacked by a shark and lost one of his legs.

So as soon as Ray got Gavin out he took him to shore and hopped in the truck and left everything behind. When they got to the hospital Ray felt really bad and he never got over that day he and Gavin were messing around.

Sharks are serious business. Especially when they live in lakes.


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