Spring Break So Sweet

Dessert mousse in shot glasses and raspberry chocolate truffles!

Dessert mousse in shot glasses and raspberry chocolate truffles!

I can’t believe how fast my spring break went by! It actually got off to an interesting start. I was supposed to have an interview in another city on Monday so I stayed the weekend away from home only to discover Monday morning that the building where my interview is supposed to be was closed! I was so upset that I actually sat in my car and cried. Yes, it was the lowest point in my week. But I eventually got myself together, bought a chocolate donut, and started my 3 hour drive to Calgary whilst listening to Daft Punk. By the time I arrived home, all the disappointment of that morning was (mostly) forgotten. That afternoon was wisely spent on frozen yogurt and some much anticipated shopping with my sister. In the evening, I had a late night tea session with my best friends at the married one’s condo. It is always so reenergizing to catch up with these girls! We never have enough time to talk.

The next day, I received a very apologetic e-mail and voicemail from my interviewer, who as it turned out had forgotten about the interview (what?!). Fortunately we were able to change the date to later in the week, which meant I wouldn’t have to take a leave of absence from school. With all that sorted out, I began the day with a good walk with my doggie and ended the day dining out with a good friend (our dessert was fabulous!).

Because my interview got moved to this same week, I only had a couple of days left of my precious spring break, but it was well spent! It felt very much like a Hong Kong food day. I had a barbecue pork on rice lunch with the mama and grandmama and got teased by the elder because I told her I cried in my car on Monday. Her words: “You really cry that easily? Hahaha!” I love my tough cookie of a grandma. She later told me funny stories of her kids (my mum, aunts, and uncles) including who was the smartest, most well-behaved, and most mischievous. In the evening, I had a hot pot dinner of tofu and seafood with one of my best friends and needless to say, we had a wonderful talk. I am so excited in all that has happened in her life!

My last day of spring break at home I ran a couple of errands for my mum because she was sick. I got to do a wee bit more shopping, watercolour, and quality time with the mutt before a family dinner of peking duck and other comfort foods we love.

This morning, I got up early and drove 3 hours to Edmonton for my interview – which went better than I could’ve hoped! I thank God for calming my nerves and helping me to think quickly and carefully. It was such a relief to finish the week on a good note after its rocky start. As soon as I finished, I began the long and tedious drive north back to High Prairie. And now here I am, half watching a Marilyn Monroe flick on TV and sipping on tea.

I wish spring break was a week longer. Now I’m counting down the days to May long weekend!


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