A Popcorn in the Air Kind of Day

This is what a northern Albertan sunset looks like.

After a day like today, skies like these are always a welcome sight!

The first thing I thought of this morning as I entered my classroom was: As soon as I get home today, I am going to watch my tv shows, eat pasta, paint my nails, and go online shopping. These have become some of my greatest comforts after a long day, and I was anticipating a very long day.

My grade 7 science class is probably my most challenging class. I once heard that teaching junior high students is a little like herding cats. And I herd over 20 cats. But thankfully, today worked out better than I had hoped! I had my students do a mini online research on different ways they can conserve energy and to make a poster of their findings. I was so pleased when even my underachievers got into it and told me how they wanted to continue working on their poster on Monday. I wanted to jump up and down and squeal a big YAY!

The grade 6 French class was the second class I was worried about today. For the past week or so, the kids have been working on skits in groups and today was presentation day. I was hoping with all my heart that it would not turn out to be a gong show. Well. It sort of was. One group of girls had a scene in their play where it involved throwing popcorn into the air multiple times. Bowls of popcorn. My room smelled of buttery goodness after that class, but everyone helped clean up and it made for a few good laughs (although I actually wasn’t too impressed). Nevertheless, we got through the class and I made it to the end of the day!

I really have to thank God – I had asked for help and he delivered. One good day (even if it is a popcorn in the air kind of day), makes up for a week of detentions and phone calls home.

And now, here I am in sweatpants, about to watch my show and inhale a bowl of pasta. Even a good day can be a long day.


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