My Resolutions

I hadn’t given much thought to my New Year’s Resolutions this year because I never seem to follow them anyway in the past. But after coming home, I realized that I need to make some healthier choices in my life – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

1) Wake up early, go to bed early. – As hard as it is for me to say it, I am going to try to give up sleeping in ’til noon on the weekends. I am also going to make sure that I get seven to eight hours of sleep on school nights and refrain from snoozing more than once. Okay twice.

2a) Eat more. – Yes, actually. I hadn’t even noticed how much weight I had lost until I had come back for the holidays. I think the reason for this is my lunch habits at school. I really don’t enjoy packing lunches, so I’ve developed an unfortunate habit of grabbing a frozen dinner or instant noodles – y’know.. because it’s quick. By the time I come home, I’m much too tired to cook anything so I’d usually just have a bowl of soup and call it a day.

2b) Eat breakfast. – I adopted my dad’s morning routine by downing coffee and letting that be my breakfast each morning at school. It does give me that boost of energy, but it’s definitely not enough.

3) Stop wearing nail polish so much. – Although I absolutely love painting my nails, I need to give them a break. After over a year of non-stop polish, they’re looking pretty dry and brittle. :(

4) Read more, watch TV less. – I can’t believe how many shows I’ve watched in the past four months. It’s… kinda shameful.

5) Do devotions again. – I stopped because my heart and mind were not ready for God. I was distracted with the upcoming school day and just wanted to get it over with so I could get ready for my classes. But when I stopped, I also stopped feeling joy and peace. I felt listless and unmotivated. If there is only one resolution that I accomplish this year, I want this to be it.

So many changes, but all for the better.

The only looming thought I have is returning to a hectic schedule of endless spirit draining (okay I’m exaggerating, there are good moments too). But what I will remember is this: should I ever lose heart, I will cling to God and remember that He is my Rock. For He will give me rest when I am weary.


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