Wrapping Up Another Year

Our family Christmas tree.

Our family Christmas tree.

The holidays have flown by so quickly and I’m already beginning to feel melancholy with the thought of returning all by myself to the cold abyss that is northern Alberta. Well, actually it’s not so bad up there, it’s really just being away from my family again that makes me feel sad. Since I’ve been home, I have watched countless movies, eaten a massive amount of food, and have developed a sleep schedule of waking up at noon.

I’ve also been dreadfully sick throughout the past week (and have unfortunately passed it on to my mum), so being confined in bed has given me much time to reflect on all that has happened in the year 2012. I record all my appointments and events in my calendar and have pulled a few that have stood out for me. Here is a brief overview of all the things that I am thankful for in this past year.

1) Being a part of a small group – I really miss being in a fellowship and having Bible studies. Living away from home changes a lot of things. It is something I pray I will have in the coming year.

2) Teaching ESL downtown – Although I wasn’t very fond of the early morning commute, I really did love my first job out of university. The school was relaxed and down-to-earth and there was an amazing dynamic between colleagues and students.

3) Mar – I made an unexpected friend one day the summer of 2011 and this friendship carried on throughout the next year. We met randomly in a café and discovered that the other person wanted to practice speaking a language that the other spoke fluently (English for her and Spanish for me). So we decided to meet once a week to practice speaking. I have to say, the conversations I had with Mar were some of the most rewarding and unforgettable experiences I’ve had in 2012.

4) Zumba – 9 AM Saturday dance classes aren’t usually my thing, but I am very glad that I forced myself out of bed to dance. It wasn’t about trying to perfect the footwork or moving exactly like the dance instructor – for me it was to let loose and to have fun. You really can’t help but smile when you see women of all ages, shapes, and sizes having a complete blast while dancing like a crazy person.

5) Weekly coffee dates – This was actually a big deal for me and my friends because we were inseparable throughout elementary, middle, and high school. Once we entered university, we rarely had time to see each other any more except for the odd summer or Christmas gathering. So this past year was the first time that we were all in the same city and able to see each other regularly like the good old days.

6) New job – Around the month of June, I started to feel restless at my ESL job. I enjoyed what I was doing but I also knew that it was time for me to move on – I just didn’t know where. So I started sending out resumes and before I knew it, I scored an interview and landed a teaching position all in a span of one week. And so began a new chapter in my life.

These are the six highlights for me in the past year – some seem bigger than others but all are what come to mind when I think of the year 2012. I look back and I see so many moments where God was shaping and challenging me – everything from witnessing at a Starbucks to fighting fly infestations. There were moments were I cried hysterically and others where I laughed just as hysterically – and through it all God was there. I couldn’t have made it through this year without Him and I thank him with all that I am for nurturing my faith in his quiet and beautiful way.

Here’s to a God-filled 2013. Happy New Year!


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