Student Art Work

It’s been a busy week with two nights of parent teacher interviews on top of the usual planning! I felt a little apprehensive at first about meeting with the parents, but in the end it was actually quite pleasant because everyone was so friendly! The interviews were light and casual and it was mostly student-led, so the kids had come in and shown their parents what they’ve been working on in class. Throughout the night, I would offer an area of improvement for some students and tried to give at least one encouragement for everyone. It was really heartening to see how involved and supportive the parents are.

I was especially proud of my junior high art students and had displayed their art work in the foyer for parents and other students to see. I would also like you to see them, so I took a couple pictures today:

This was the most recent drawing technique we’ve done – scumbling!

The idea behind this project was to combine cartoons from childhood with a more grown-up approach to scribbling (scumbling). Believe it or not, the students did not trace any of their pictures!

We extended the scumbling technique to chalk pastels where students learned how to blend colours together. I loved the colours this student chose to create the grass.

I invited the vice principal to give a lesson on watercolour to my class when I found out that is a passion of hers. She enjoyed it so much that she asked if she could teach a couple more lessons. Uh, YEAH! This painting was done recently by a student.

The first lesson on watercolour was how to paint flowers.

For this project, students had to reproduce a Canadian Aboriginal Artist’s work in the style of pointillism. I loved how this student took the risk to incorporate different colours in the face of this painting.

Looks a little bit like Van Gogh’s Starry Night, doesn’t it?

For this project, students had to morph one object into another in 6-8 steps. This student is a perfectionist and had done two drafts in colour before this lovely end result.


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