Teacher Tip #2: If they’re fighting the seating plan, they need it.

I had just done exit slips with my junior high science class and one of the questions I had asked them was this: What is one thing you would change or one thing you would keep? I had several responses all asking for the same thing: to let them sit wherever they want.

I thought to myself, “Well, I guess they’re old enough to sit where they want.” But I was still reluctant because I knew that it could very well lead to chaos. I also wanted to know if I was the only teacher who had a seating plan, so I asked a fellow teacher later in the day if he had one. He told me “It depends on the class, but if they are fighting the seating plan, then they probably need it.” That instantly cleared things for me – it makes so much sense.

So that settles it. Seating plan for junior high science.


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