I’ve lost my voice for two days now. It’s completely gone and it’s getting extremely frustrating trying to teach when I can make zero sound. I’ve been writing instructions on the board or having it written ahead of time on PowerPoint and so far it’s working – but boy is it a lot of work to write out everything you have to say!

By the end of today, I could barely even whisper. It was even worse when I wanted to pull a student out into the hallway to speak to him privately but couldn’t because I have no voice. So after school today, I went to see a doctor who prescribed some cough syrup which I picked up right away along with some lemons and honey at a nearby (ha, everything here is nearby) grocery store. But aside from spitting out phlegm, there doesn’t seem to be much improvement. On top of all this, I am still fighting off a cold and my nose is practically raw from an almost wasteful amount of tissues used in the past two days.

Thankfully, I don’t have to teach on Friday because it is staff meeting day. I’m also grateful that my students are sympathetic and are cooperating with me even though that means they have to read a lot more than usual. Some students on the other hand… I was so disappointed with them today and yesterday. But I can’t get emotional. I remember one veteran teacher gave me his number one piece of advice for new teachers: Don’t get mad. I laughed when he told me this, but now I totally get it. And I guess having my voice taken away helps me to think twice before I say something negative or condescending. It also makes me plan a little more thoroughly.

Even so… I really, really want to speak again.


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