My First Week of Teaching

The back of my classroom

Wow, I can’t believe how busy I am – and I’m not even teaching my reading class yet!

To my surprise, I discovered a week before school started that in addition to French 4-12, I would also be teaching Sr. and Jr. Art, Science 7, and Jr. Reading Comprehension. Thankfully, I met with the teachers from each of those departments and they were more than happy to provide me with materials that I need to teach these classes. So far, it’s going well. I’m keeping my head above the water.

My teaching assignment is like this:

Semester 1: Science 7, Grade 4,5,6 FSL, Sr. FSL, Jr. Art, and Jr. Reading Comp

Semester 2: Science 7, Grade 4,5,6 FSL, Sr. Art, Jr. FSL, and Jr. Reading Comp

The past two days, I stayed at school until 9 PM. I hope I won’t do that today, but it’s nice to know that even at 9 PM, there are other teachers still working at school too.

Let me tell you about my first couple of days.. I have a prep first thing in the morning so I’ve been using it mostly to pray, photocopy, get coffee, and to organize for the whole day. I met each of my classes, introduced myself, explained classroom expectations and procedures, and did some get to know you activities. I had my first lunch supervision, went to the Jr. High assembly, stayed ’til 4 PM for staff photos, then prepped for the next day.

A handy dandy Smartboard.

The second day was similar, I had morning recess supervision and in the afternoon I had my Art class (it alternates with reading but reading doesn’t start until next week). For some reason, I was more slack with the procedures in my Art class and that was an unwise decision because it became a little messy. I will have to tighten the reigns for tomorrow… I’m still learning the same lesson that I learned in my first practicum – anticipate everything.

We had Meet the Teacher night yesterday, so I had to stay late again to plan. I’m going to try to plan as many lessons as I can for the week this weekend so I won’t keep stressing myself out like this.

I wish my Art class and Sr. French classes’ dynamics would switch. My senior highs are SO quiet. There are actually 6 of them and they whisper in English. Even when I tell them to speak only French. I don’t know if they’re just timid or reluctant or simply incapable. Probably all three. In my art class there is a lot of chatter. There’s nothing wrong with that I guess, but I love it when art class is calm and everyone’s working quietly on their own.

Welcome to my classroom!

There is so much to learn and so much to be done. – For me, not even for my students. I’m hoping that I will get into the swing of things by next week. The hardest thing so far is learning all the names of my students. There’s sooo many of them and everytime someone in the hallway goes, “Hi Ms. Ng!” I wish I could say “Hi _______!”, but I don’t even remember which class they’re in. I know my science kids though at least. They just need to stay in the same seating arrangment for the rest of the month, then I’ll learn their faces as well.

Well, I am going to tackle some more planning. Here’s hoping I can be done by 5 PM!



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