Dear readers – I have the most wonderful story to share with you.

Yesterday, the exterminator came to my apartment and sealed off all the cracks in the walls because the flies have been living in the walls (I know, gross!) and he sprayed down the inside and outside of the apartment. He said he wished he could do more for me but he couldn’t locate the nest without permission to tear off the floorboards, etc. Nevertheless, after he had left, I did not see a single fly nor hear any buzzing for the rest of that day and evening. I finally began to relax and be at ease thinking that the problem had been solved. I prayed that God would let this problem be completely over, or help me find a new place right away if it wasn’t over.

This morning, as I got ready for church, a fly buzzed into my room. I screamed, not because I was afraid of it, but because I was actually at my wit’s end. I went into the living room and found a couple more and left the apartment extremely worried and upset. I went to the Bethel Baptist Church today for the first time ( it was either this one or the Church of the Nazarene) and sat down. An elderly man quickly introduced himself to me and soon after his wife introduced herself too. We got to talking and then they asked me where I am living. I told them that I was actually looking for a new place. The lady immediately said that her mom’s basement was available with a bedroom and bathroom although the kitchen is upstairs. She asked if I would be interested to which I enthusiastically responded “Yes!” After church, we exchanged phone numbers and she said that she would call me sometime that afternoon.

So I went home feeling much better than when I had left that morning. Until I entered the apartment. I found more flies, freaking maggots and half fly half maggots. And as you might have guessed, I screamed and cried (I’ve been doing a lot of that this week). And I suddenly thought to myself – what if the lady is only offering the basement to me until I find a new place? What if she expects me to find another place? Where will I go? (You must understand, finding a place to live here is quite difficult – I’ve made so many phone calls). After I had calmed down a bit and sprayed more Raid around the apartment, I scribbled a prayer in my notebook that I still have right beside me. I had written:

God I have to find a new place. Please! Help me! I can’t focus, I’m losing my appetite and now every time I see a fly I scream and cry because that meant that paying $357 for the exterminator didn’t work.

Shortly after, my phone rang, and it was the lady at church. She asked me to come over so she can take me to her mom’s house. So I went and she drove us to the house. I meet this wonderfully sweet woman in her 90’s. Before even asking me my name, she asked if she could hug me, and her daughter shows me the basement. It’s an older house, but it’s clean and best of all – not a single fly. Then I asked her how long I am allowed to stay, and she answered “As long as you want.” The daughter told me that her mother had been lonely and had prayed for someone to move in with her just that morning. When I heard that, I teared up and told her I had prayed to find a new place last night and this morning too. She gave me a hug and said, “Well how about that!”

We sat down for tea in the kitchen upstairs and I met the two dogs. You know, it’s so funny, I hadn’t even prayed about this, but I was thinking to myself earlier this week – how great would it be if I lived in a place that had a dog (I miss Rusty a lot). And now I live with two dogs! The daughter asked if I needed help moving and I said – YES PLEASE. So tomorrow evening, I will be moving everything into the basement suite to live with a lovely, elderly woman.

I came back from the house not too long ago, sat down, and cried tears of joy and gratitude. God rescued me and He knew exactly what I needed. I understand now that my moving in this apartment was not a mistake, but God had planned it all along. He planned for me to go to this specific church and to sit behind this specific woman whose mother had prayed that very prayer. What have I learned from all this? That prayer is powerful – that it’s active, and that God listens and rescues.

And all this before the first day of school. Praise God! There is none I would rather serve.



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