Why I cried in my car tonight…

I am finally all moved into my new apartment in this small town. My parents helped me move in and I am so grateful they did because it was exhausting. The apartment was not exactly what I had imagined it to be. To be honest, I was a little disappointed because I was told that I would be moving into a newly renovated suite and it was not. Nevertheless, we cleaned it up as best we could and the building manager whom I will call “Jo” fixed up whatever needed to be fixed. Today’s story is about my apartment.

When we first arrived, we noticed that there were many big, ugly flies flying around, so we killed them. The second day, we noticed that there were a great number behind the curtains. So we killed them. The third day was my first day alone in the apartment. I woke up, opened my curtains, and found, yes, more flies. I killed 18 that morning. At this point, I was hoping with all my heart that that would be it, otherwise that would mean I have a fly problem. I left the house early this morning and came back at 8:30 pm and I entered my apartment expecting to kill maybe 3 or 4 flies.

I go to my bedroom window, open the curtains, and I kid you not, there was a SWARM of over thirty flies. It was the grossest thing I had ever seen – like something straight out of a horror movie. I screamed – grab my keys and dash out of the apartment. The first place I went was to Jo’s apartment, but she wasn’t at home. So I drove over to the IGA (local supermarket) in hopes of finding someone who could help me with my fly problem. I see a lady and I ask her if there is an exterminator in town and she told me no, I would have to call the next town to have someone come in. Disappointed, I walk to the cleaning section of the store and I ask an employee if they have any fly strips. They told me no, they ran out and the order hasn’t come in yet. At this point, I feel absolutely helpless, grossed out, and I am starting to feel homesick. I walked out of the store quickly because I could feel my eyes well up and a lump form in my throat. As soon as I reached my car, I sat down, locked the door and burst into tears.

You are probably thinking that I am quite the wuss – crying because of flies. Well yes, I am a wuss. The truth was, I felt desperate, helpless, I didn’t want to go back to the apartment of buzzing horror and nobody could help me. I didn’t just sob, I bawled. I hadn’t cried like that for a long, long time. After a couple of minutes of running mascara and two tissues, I called my dad like I always do when I don’t know what to do. I blubbered out my problem and he told me to calm down, go back in the store, find any kind of insecticide, and spray my apartment down. He even prayed over the phone to help calm me down. After he hung up, I went back in the store. The people were staring at me because I clearly looked like I had just been crying, plus I am the only Asian person in this town. I hoped none of these people would be my future students or parents of my students because I would be embarrassed to explain to them why I was crying in a grocery store at night. Anyway, I found an employee (and hoped they would assume I had allergies or something) and asked for insecticide. The employee didn’t even know what that was! He pronounced it wrong a couple of times so I had to say each syllable slowly like IN-SEC-TI-CIDE. But he told me he had never heard of it. I was actually dumbfounded. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he probably thought that was a brand. He had to ask someone else if the store had it – and no, the store did not.

Frustrated, I drove back to the apartment in hopes of finding Jo. Fortunately, she was at home and I explained to her the situation. She came in my apartment and opened my bedroom curtains. Her reaction was completely different from mine – I had screamed and ran but she just said, “Oh wow! That’s a lot of flies!” She then proceeded to grab them with her hands and ended up catching two fistfuls of ten in each hand and flushing them down the toilet. There were still dozens of flies buzzing around the room, so she got her husband and brought back two fly strips. They helped me hang one in the living room and one in my bedroom. And since I happened to have two fly swatters, Jo and her husband both helped me swat the flies. I was actually amazed that they casually picked them up in their hands as if they were picking up stones. Even when it landed on them, they didn’t flinch. I have a newfound respect for these people. They spent about 10 minutes killing the flies until there were one or two left. Jo promised me that she would get something to spray down my apartment tomorrow. But just in case, I called an exterminator in a nearby town and he is supposed to come this weekend to end this fly infestation.

So that was my night. I think I’m going to buy Jo and her husband a little gift card.


3 thoughts on “Why I cried in my car tonight…

    • Everything is going much better now that I’ve moved from that apartment! But I’m getting a little stressed with all the work that’s ahead of me for school! :S

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