Catch the Sun

It’s been a while since I have done a creative writing post. Today, I have three short stories that I would like to share with you.

I remember when I was writing my high school English practice exam and one of the prompts that they gave us was this picture:

So I decided to use the same photo with my students. I gave them 20 minutes to write a short story based on this picture. Here are three that I particularly liked:

*Note: I’ve corrected some grammar mistakes so that it is easier to understand.

Story #1

There is a man who had a hope to want to be like Mother Theresa. He likes to help people sometimes. He goes to Africa to help patients and gives them foods. One day, a boy who lived in Africa ask him about “hope”. He said, “Of course hope isn’t related to wealth. It is similar to passion.” But the boy doesn’t agree. So he want that the boy understand. He decide to make a picture to give a message about hope. He said, “I can grab the sun”. But still, the boy doesn’t trust him. He think he is liar.

The man contemplated for few days and finally he make a good photo. Then he give the boy this photo and said, “People usually think that hope isn’t here and impossible, but if you change your mind, hope is very close to you.”

Story #2

After I failed my business, I couldn’t concentrate on everything. Disappointed wife asked me to divorce and I thought that my son also got far away. I had no happiness in life. I almost lived in alcohol for several days. And then, I decided to suicide. I didn’t regret giving up life. I drove up the coast. It was 4 am.

However, when I arrived at sea, my stubborn mind got weaker. The sun was coming out above the horizon and the vast sea seemed to say to me, “Everything is going to be okay.” Nobody was next to me, but I felt a number of people’s encourage. It was very quiet at the same time. It was very big shouting.

I can do it. I stretched my arms to the sun. The sun came inside of my hands. Even I can get the sun, nothing could make me frustrated. I’ll start my new life from now.

Story #3

A man stands on the ground at sunset. He is going to move far away. He loves city and people in this city. He doesn’t want to move, but he has to move… He misses them all. So he has been thinking about old memories of the past in this city and people since this afternoon. Without notice, sun goes down. He is crying. He is so sad. He miss them so much. He thinks he has to move tomorrow but he doesn’t want to… Not tomorrow. He want’s to stay here forever. So he catches the sun. And he says, “Stop. Don’t go down please.” But Sun says, “I have to move. I should go to next place and you too. You have to move so we have to move.” Then, next day he moves to the city.


I love how there is one picture but three very different interpretations.

Friday is my last day at the school. I’m going to miss reading my students’ journals.

I hope you enjoyed reading these :)



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