Wine and Cheese with Friends

My friends and I aren’t usually the type of people who can spontaneously decide on where to go or what to do without planning at least one week in advance. So it was a pleasant delight for all of us to have an impromptu wine and cheese on Sunday evening together. Some of us brought wine and some brought an assortment of cheeses, crackers or fruit. And my artsy friend even made little name cards for each of the cheeses. We lit some candles, put on some jazz music and talked and ate and drank until well past midnight.

I wish we could say that we talked about refined things such as literature, politics, and classical music, but alas we are not that sort. Instead we shared embarrassing childhood/ adulthood stories and the like. Suffice it to say, there was much laughter that night! Not only was it refreshing to do something different from our usual routine, but it was a wonderful time for me to get to know my friends’ husband/fiancés better while at the same time re-connect with my dear girls.


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