Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas!

This morning, the school had an Easter party/surprise bridal shower (for one of our teachers) at Eau Claire Market. Each class was in charge of coming up with a game to “teach” the rest of the school. There were many laughs as students tossed eggs, wrapped each other up in toilet paper, and stuck raw spaghetti into each other’s hair (yeah, that one was… odd). Finally, it came time for my class’ turn and we had prepared a photo scavenger hunt!

It was super easy to get my class involved in the planning process. I had split them into three groups the week before and had asked them to come up with 15 scavenger items that the school had to find. All I had to do afterward was to pick and choose among these 45 items to create THE list. I assigned my students to be co-leaders for their teams – their responsibility is to keep track of the list of items and to take pictures.

There were six teams in total and in each team there were 5-7 people which I think is a good size! Before I let them go, we went over these important rules:

1)   Play fair – no sabotaging, stealing, or copying of other teams’ work. Cheaters will be disqualified.

2)   Your team must stay together at ALL times.

3)   At least 2 team members must appear in all photos.

4)   You MUST ask for permission before taking a stranger’s photograph.

5)   Be respectful of Eau Claire Market’s property, customers and shopkeepers. No running inside please.

6)   The hunt lasts for 30 minutes. Even if your team has not found all the items, your team must return to this meeting area within this time limit.

7)   If anyone asks what you are doing, show them this list and have them call IHC via (person’s name) at (phone #).

And off they went! Here is the list of items that my students came up with (mind you, we were not at the school today but at a market/mall):

  • Canadian flag
  • a scary face (3 people)
  • kiss on the cheek
  • Taco Time
  • somebody wearing a hat
  • washroom sign
  • any coffee shop
  • a teacher’s signature
  • a tree
  • win an arm wrestle against the other team and have them sign here: _____________________
  • garbage
  • a man lifting a girl up
  • someone falling
  • pick-up truck
  • green car
  • ash tray
  • Takuro (a student)
  • a cashier
  • Cineplex Odeon Cinema
  • a hug
  • a human pyramid (everyone in your team)
  • clock
  • Clayton (a teacher)
  • somebody wearing black socks
  • a picture of everyone in your team jumping (everyone must be in the air)

Everyone returned to the meeting area within 30 minutes and nearly everyone had completed their list! Both students and teachers seemed to really enjoy this game – another teacher asked if he could keep this list. Plus an added bonus is that students were unwittingly learning and applying vocabulary! If I had to do this again, I would include more items that involve strangers because it forces students to speak to native English speakers instead of with each other or their teachers – this would really get them out of their comfort zone!

Today was a lot of fun, especially since it meant I only had to teach my one afternoon class ;)




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