Bittersweet Blessing (my 100th post!)

One of the things that I appreciate about my job is the fun and laid back atmosphere of the school. Because it is a small school, I get to know my students fairly quickly and I feel comfortable joking with them and teasing them. It also helps that they are all around my age so it doesn’t feel like I am an authoritative figure but instead a mentor or a friend. However, every Friday is always bittersweet. There are usually a handful of students that graduate from our school and though we celebrate their achievements on these special days, it can become a tearful occasion. Recently, it was time for one of my former students (she advanced three levels during her stay) to leave the school. She had such a warm and kind personality that it was no surprise that both teachers and students were sad to see her go. It was a joy to have her in my class and I will miss her very much! Though it’s sad to say good-bye, it is moments like these that I feel blessed to be a teacher.




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