Cupcakes and Beer and Stew – Oh My!

One of my colleagues had the brilliant idea of making her students cook for the St. Patrick’s Party Potluck this morning. To make it more interesting, she invited the other teachers to have our classes participate, so we ended up meeting at a cooking school baking and cooking for a good four hours.

All the students were divided into four groups and basically each group made a main course, bread, and dessert. Apparently St. Patrick’s Day isn’t very well known in many countries so the students were super excited and had bought green hats, wigs, giant sunglasses and even pants. And to go along with the St. Paddy’s theme, the recipes had a splash of Irish in them. And by that, I mean a splash Guinness in a little bit of everything (except the bread). In my group, we made a Beer Braised Irish Stew, Chocolate Cupcakes with Bailey’s Cream Cheese Frosting, and Parmesan Cheese Biscuit Squares. At first, it was super chaotic as everyone was running around grabbing ingredients and getting confused over the metric vs. imperial system – but in the end everyone got into the rhythm of things and seemed to enjoy themselves.

After the cooking was done, we headed back to the school where we played several rounds of Mafia before we got the St. Patrick’s Party started. The food was surprisingly delicious! A part of me was expecting that something would turn out wrong (especially when we started eye-balling the measurements), but it  was all so yummy! We had everything from green beer to Irish music to a leprechaun scavenger hunt. What an awesome way to end the week!




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