Time for a Change?

I’ve noticed that I am beginning to start my all too familiar work – veg out – sleep cycle. I like to think that I learned it from my university days and I’m sure the majority of you know what I’m talking about. It pretty much goes something like this:

I come home after a long day of work and I’m in dire need of not thinking. So I scarf down some chocolate bars and numb my brain by watching random videos on YouTube or an episode of Breaking Bad.

This continues for a couple of hours and then I suddenly realize that I need to plan five lessons for the next day, so I lesson plan… slowly… taking a generous amount of breaks in between. Suddenly, it’s midnight and I’m scrambling to finish so I can get at least six hours of sleep. But that doesn’t happen for another hour.

I wake up the next morning to the sound of my alarm. I don’t even recognize the sound – I am that tired. I just want it to stop, so I hit the snooze. Four snoozes later, I wish I had stopped at three because I am running late. All the while getting ready, I scold myself for depriving my poor mind and body of precious sleep by going to bed late and watching YouTube videos instead of lesson planning. I go to work and I’m tired. I come home and the cycle starts all over again.

I also need to give myself plenty of commute time. I find that I get unattractively angry and think mean things to slow drivers when I’m stressed from being late.

In short, I’ve realized that I could be living healthier. And while on one of my brain-numbing breaks, I came across this picture that was posted on a friend’s Facebook page.

I liked the idea immediately and knew that I wanted to make some changes of my own. The main ones that I’ll be focusing on are choosing to move, hydrating myself, making sleep a priority, and this one I’ve added – connecting with God more. I’ve noticed that my lack of praying and reading the Bible has made my stress turn into anger and impatience with nearly everyone. I’ve also gotten into a shameful habit of saying “I hate (some random person who has done nothing against me but just merely annoys me)”. For example, “I hate you bus driver for braking too hard and making me lurch forward at every red light”, “I hate you man walking beside me because you didn’t cover your mouth when you sneezed”, etc. I feel that I have no love for people nor a desire to love people. And that’s a problem.

So if I achieve only one thing on this list, I hope that it will be my last goal because for me, healthy living really starts there.


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