Talking about Alzheimer’s with Students

This week’s theme is on health and the body, and I don’t know why exactly, but I got excited thinking about doing a lesson on disease. I think it’s a topic that everyone can relate to in some way and/or have something to say about it. So last night as I was planning for a listening activity, I stumbled upon (not via this very well put together video narrated by none other than David Hyde Pierce (YAY NILES!)!

Before I showed the video to students, I pre-taught some vocabulary words like “hallucinations”, “incurable” and “stigma”. I learned from last week that this new mix of students have a harder time with their listening skills, so instead of giving the usual short answer worksheet, I gave them a true and false. Success! I guess I also have to give credit to DHP for narrating so articulately.

After playing the video twice, I asked them if anyone knew someone with Alzheimer’s Disease. Surprisingly, only one girl did. I shared with them about my great grandfather who had Alzheimer’s and as I was halfway in explaining how he couldn’t remember his family members, I saw that I had made them feel really sad. Sooo, we switched to a happier sentence scramble activity where much laughter was involved.

Though it is a sad and sobering topic, I think it’s important to inform people about this disease. For myself, there was a lot that I didn’t know about it until I was lesson planning yesterday! If you’d like to borrow this idea for your own class, you can find my worksheet here  : )

Happy Wednesday,



2 thoughts on “Talking about Alzheimer’s with Students

  1. HEY! I tried to text you, but i guess you have a new number? (the person who answered my text said she just activated the number today hahaha)

    Interesting video about Alzheimers! It is quite sad. My grandma has it :(

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