Raspberry Macaroons

Should you be craving something sweet this time of year, I suggest you try this recipe that my friend and I tackled one wintry afternoon. The first time we attempted making French macaroons, we were rather disappointed as the insides were hollow and no “feet” had formed around the macaroon. It probably had something to do with how we combined two different recipes that we had found online. Suffice it to say, it was a bad idea. However, this time around, we decided to combine two recipes once again, except this time instead of two recipes being the shell, we used one recipe for the shell and the other for the filling.

We opted for the traditional raspberry chocolate macaroon and it came out beautifully. Well, the third batch came out beautifully. The first was burnt and the second was hollow. I guess the third time’s the charm!

Usually when I bake, I can get away with cutting ingredients or eyeballing how much of something I need to put in. But the thing about making macaroons is that everything needs to be so precise. For the shell, we used Martha Stewart’s recipe and for the filling, we used Cuisinart’s. I have to say, that chocolate buttercream is to diiieeee for. We cut the amount of butter in half, that way we wouldn’t feel as guilty. Overall, I am very pleased with the end result, they look pretty spiffy, don’t they?

Keep your eyes peeled for a future post on… *drumroll* white chocolate raspberry mini cheesecakes!

Have a lovely Christmas!



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