Pick Me Ups

When I want to recharge and unwind after a long day, I have a pick-me-up remedy that I often turn to. It involves nail polish, a hot drink, and a TV show (guess what the current one is?).

As soon as I get home, I immediately change into the comfiest clothes I own and make myself a hot drink. Then, I will grab my laptop, load my show, and paint the first coat of my favourite polish. The hustle and bustle of the day disappears as I escape and finally get some “me” time. I find it absolutely relaxing.

Sometimes, I like to keep a little company. Last night, my sisters and I sat on my bed and watched episode after episode of Who’s Line is it Anyway while munching on sour cream and onion chips. Laughter is probably one of the best ways to let loose.

Everyone has their own quick fix. For my sister, she prefers to out go with her friends to relax because people energize her. A friend of mine has a habit of treating herself to a day at a hot springs spa in the mountains with a good book. And my dad, he likes to play online mahjong while sipping on an ice cold beer.

How about you? What’s your “go-to” whenever you feel drained or tired? What is your pick-me-up?



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