Just a Bad Driver

This afternoon, I went out to lunch with my parents. My dad had parked the car but he noticed that he was a little bit over the stall line, so he decided to re-park until the car fit perfectly. I had protested the need to re-park as the parkade was practically empty (plus the car beside us was also over the stall line), but what my mum said next surprised me. She told me that she (and my dad) didn’t want people to think that we were bad drivers. She nodded in the direction of a couple who was watching my dad park the car. Hearing this, I felt a little sad, that just because they are Asian, my parents felt the need to prove to people that they are good and responsible drivers. They shouldn’t have to prove anything. They are two of the best drivers I know and seeing that couple watching us made me realize how uncomfortable this stereotype makes me feel.

Unlike my parents, I am not a very good driver, and that makes things a little more difficult. If I am absolutely failing in a parallel park, I almost don’t want people to see that I’m Asian because then I feel like I would be reinforcing my own stereotype, and I hate doing that.

The truth is, my driving skills have nothing to do with my ethnicity, I’m just a bad driver.

… I will get better though.


2 thoughts on “Just a Bad Driver

  1. Ahh! Ardis I totally know what you mean! I’m not really good at parking but I am always determined to park nicely when I’m at places so that people won’t judge me just because I’m an Asian girl. haha. Sad but true!

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