Larabars: My First Attempt

I’ve been wanting to try making Larabars ever since I learned what they were on Eye It Try It because I was so curious about how they would taste. So I finally decided to make them today and headed over to the supermarket to purchase my ingredients. Apparently, Larabars are made from Medjool dates, but these were sold in gigantic containers! I don’t normally eat dates (unless I’m at a bake sale and I see date squares), so I opted for a much smaller container. I’m not sure what kind of dates they are, but they’re dates so that was good enough for me!

They look so simple and hassle-free to make on Eye It Try It’s post. Well, yes it was quite easy to make them. Perhaps it is because of my natural tendency to create a mess in the kitchen with whatever I do, but man oh man. There was much to clean up afterwards. But that aside, it was a success!

I didn’t have any Pam to spray onto Saran Wrap, but I did have parchment paper, so that was what I used and it worked nicely. After wrapping each one and popping them into the refrigerator for a good 30 minutes, I was eager to try one. I must say, it’s hard to believe that there was no added sugar and that it’s a healthy snack! They taste like a guilty pleasure. Yum!

Will I make these again?


It’s looking to be a very likely yes!




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