Celebs in Class

Today was my fifth and final practicum for my TESL course! The lesson was centred around reading and writing and thanks to one of my former profs in France, I had the idea of having students describe famous faces. I wish I had a bank of all the wonderful activities that I’ve ever been taught stored up in my mind so that I can pull one out whenever I need it (thank goodness for my amazing Chicoutimi prof – her ideas saved me during my high school practicum.)!

Anyway, today’s lesson went colour-flyingly well! Students had the lovely task of describing in great detail the faces of Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Viggo Mortensen, Oprah Winfrey, Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball. I taped all the pictures onto the board after students had finished writing and numbered each picture. Then I had the students read their paragraphs aloud and the rest of the class had to guess which celebrity was being described. They were quite accurate if you must know!

I think out of the four strands of language arts, I enjoy teaching writing the most. I love it when students are working individually and I can correct and assist one student at a time. I love the quietness and the order. And I know how backwards and traditional it sounds for me to say it in today’s day and age where students sit in round tables instead of desks in rows, but that’s just my style.  It is so calming – which is a rare moment in a language classroom. Not to say that I dislike buzzing group work discussions – I love that too. But individual work time is quite possibly my favourite.

Here’s the lesson in a bit more detail in case you were extra curious!




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