Sentimental Pieces

I’m a rather sentimental person. I have kept boxes of cards, letters and notes from birthdays, Christmases and graduations for years and years. And whenever I receive postcards or letters from friends halfway around the world, I aways pin them on my bulletin board or display them where I can always see them. When I’m traveling, I would always keep museum ticket stubs or brochures so that I would be able to remember where I went and what I saw. When I went to Paris two years ago, I went to the Café des Deux Moulins (where they filmed one of my favourite films, Amélie!) and I still have the receipt! Basically, I have a tendency to take little pieces of good memories and to hold onto them.

One of the most recent sentimental pieces I’ve collected was a necklace that my sisters and I fell in love with while shopping at the Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong. As it so happened there were three of these necklaces left, so each of us bought one. I decided to always keep the watch in Hong Kong time, even when I came back to Canada.

Several weeks ago, I received a letter from a dear friend I had met when I was living in Dijon, France. She is quite the accomplished artist and decided to move to Paris to open an art exhibition to showcase her work. She sent me the invitation by mail although she knew I wouldn’t be able to attend, and as always she decorated the envelope with strips of coloured paper. When I received her letter, I was so happy and decided to clip it and place on my dresser. It goes well with the dried roses and Degas, I think!

Lastly, I take pride in my simple little jewellery box because nearly every piece – from earrings to necklaces – have been given to me by my family and friends. When I see a certain ring or necklace, I can’t help but think of the person who gave it to me, which is why I can never give away my jewellery.

It’s a joy and comfort to have lovely memories. And I think.. it is even lovelier when those memories are tangible.

What about you? Are you a sentimentalist? And if so, in what way?




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