There’s something so intrinsically girly about having tea, scones and jam.

I like to think that every little girl has had a pretend tea party at least one time in her childhood. When I was seven, I had received a ceramic tea-set for Christmas. I was so pleased that I remember filling the teapot with tap water and sipping out of the tiny tea cup everyday.

A little over a year ago, my friend and I were on the search for a high tea location and we had discovered this lovely little tea house nestled in the heart of the city. I had fallen in love with it instantly and it has consequently become the “go-to” destination whenever my friends and I decide to meet up.

This afternoon, I introduced a good friend of mine to high tea and I was reminded all over again why I so thoroughly enjoy the experience:

1. With sandwiches in dainty bite-size portions, you don’t feel too guilty about eating six different kinds.

2. I can never finish everything, so what I take home makes for a very satisfactory breakfast.

3. I love to lean over my teapot and breathe in the scent of cloves, blossoms and orange peel of my favourite tea.

4. The scones in this particular tea house are heeeaavenly. And when smothered in jam and whipped cream – ah! It is to die for.

5. Something about seeing food displayed in tiers always attracts me.

Nothing is more delightful than sipping tea and munching on cucumber sandwiches whilst in the company of good friends. ‘Tis loverly!



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