Bracing for Winter

Well, the snow has finally blanketed the city in a thin layer of hazardous fluff. Already, there have been 130 or so car accidents since midnight. Thankfully, I don’t have class today nor do I have any pressing errands, so I am going to stay in my warm abode with Joni Mitchell and my cup of hello kitty coffee.

Apparently, this winter is supposed to be one of the harshest, and I intend to stay warm even if it means looking like the Michelin Man. I am determined to invest in a warm pair of mittens, a hat and a warm coat. Perhaps the reason I hate winter so much is because I am never dressed warm enough. The coats and boots in the department stores are simply no match for the average Canadian winter. Although they look stylish, they just don’t keep me warm enough! But before I raid the nearest winter clothing store, I am going to rummage through the house for anything I can use. So far, I’ve found a pair of sheepskin mittens in the basement. Not bad, not bad at all!

Here’s to bracing for this coming season of ice and snow!



3 thoughts on “Bracing for Winter

  1. I was surprised to come home today with the ground thinly covered in snow!!! I was wearing my flats too =(. I can’t believe Calgary had snow before Edmonton this year! :O

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