To Focus or Not To…

When you’re swamped with work and deadlines and you realize that there are only so many hours to accomplish everything that needs to be done, what do you tend to do? Some, like my cousin, prefer to bake. Others power through relentlessly until they’re finished. And I… well, I tend to give myself plenty of breaks (i.e. blogging) in between working which usually ends up dragging the working process even longer. But all I really need to get myself into work mode are two things: tea and music. Otherwise, work cannot and will not happen. Back when I was in university, I used to procrastinate whenever I was stressed. It doesn’t make sense, does it? But that was my natural reaction to stress – to put it off just a bit longer. I guess it’s like going into denial, trying to convince myself that, “No! I’m not stressed! Not stressed at all! Which is why I’m watching a movie at ten in the evening.” I’m glad to say that I don’t do that anymore. Well, as much. It’s getting started that is the hard part. So what has been on my to-do list this weekend? I have to finish writing my lesson plan to turn in by tomorrow, I also need to prepare for the next Sunday School lesson for the kiddies.. by tomorrow, and catch up on my textbook reading (I think I’m behind by 3 chapters). Every once in a while, I glance at the clock and count down how many hours I have left. I’m most worried about my TESL lesson plan. My grammar lesson is over and done with (I passed! Hooray!) and this week, I have to teach a lesson on pronunciation. It’s a lot harder than you’d think! I have decided to do my lesson on intonation and stress and found a couple of Whose Line is it Anyway? clips of two line vocabulary to illustrate just that to my students. I shall fill you in on all the details after my practicum on Wednesday. Have a fabulous weekend!




2 thoughts on “To Focus or Not To…

  1. I totally agree with you! I think that when I feel swamped with stuff… I resort back to making tons and tons of “to do” lists… and my need to want to check things off makes me do things haha. But sometimes it takes me longer to make the lists than to actually do the things that I need. (if that makes any sense whatsoever!)

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