Familiar Faces

The sun is bright today, the air is crisp, and the frost has melted since this morning. I am sitting at a buzzing Starbucks café with an earl grey and I am eavesdropping at the conversations around me. I’m really waiting for a friend. A language buddy, actually. We had met at a previous French meet-up and had decided to continue meeting to practice speaking Spanish (for me) and English (for her). As I was sipping my tea and perusing through my e-mails, four of my friends from university happened to walk in and so we caught up with what everyone was doing. These are my Ed. friends. How I miss being an education student! I had forgotten how much I enjoy talking about school and teaching with fellow teachers. It’s strange now that we’re all off on our separate ways. One of my friends has been teaching full time, one had just scored a contract with a high school, another just returned from teaching overseas in England and the rest of us are still job searching (however, recent news might turn things around for us unemployed educators! School divisions in my province are receiving a huge amount of money and a big chunk of those funds will go towards hiring more teachers. Here’s hoping that I’ll be working full-time in a classroom this time next year!). Ah.. I don’t believe my language buddy will be showing up as she is an hour late. But at least I had a nice impromptu reunion with some familiar faces!




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