My Kind of Therapy

I’ve recently re-painted, re-arranged and re-decorated my entire bedroom and I found the whole process so relaxing. Everything from picking the colour of paint (I really enjoy reading paint colours) to nailing the artwork onto the wall. It might be because I am slightly anal retentive or because I just like to tidy and organize things, but I’ve come to realize that it is so therapeutic for me. I like arranging an object  over and over until I am completely satisfied with the way it is placed. And every now and then after a good clean-up, I’ll step back, look at the room from the doorway and let out a sigh of contentment. I also like tossing things out or donating old clothes. There’s something about clearing and removing all the junk in your living space that makes one feel so… cleansed? Free? Perhaps all this has to do with me liking things exactly the way I like it to be. I’ve been told by some that I am strange in this sense, but I embrace it!

What about you? What do you find therapeutic?




4 thoughts on “My Kind of Therapy

  1. I think your therapeutic habit is more productive than mine– I play online Scrabble. Bravo for your “new” bedroom!

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