Teaching ESL… in Québec?

I started my TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) course two days ago! It’s been going really well so far! There are only four people in my class, including the instructor so I already feel quite comfortable and open with the group. The only downside is that it takes me an hour to get from my house to downtown (where the school is located) because it starts at 5pm and well.. that’s during rush hour. We’ve already been assigned a date to do an oral presentation, which is really a grammar tutorial. I happen to have chosen verb forms and tenses. Until last night, I didn’t even know what the English verb forms were! It’ll be interesting to see everyone’s tutorials, that’s for sure.

I have been considering teaching in Québec for quite some time now. You might remember me mentioning that I wanted to teach in France and in Hong Kong as well, but recently I’ve been leaning more towards la belle province. Nevertheless, I will still apply to teach elsewhere. And if I happen to be offered a full-time teaching position in FSL right here in my city for next year, I would take it in a heartbeat! Everything is still up in the air right now, but at least it’s slowly coming together.




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