One Of The Seven

I have six best friends. We go back more than fifteen years where we met each other at different times in elementary school. We were not your typical group of school girls who played jump rope, hopscotch or giggled over boys. No, we built a restaurant out of grass, made ourselves business cards with the restaurant’s logo and served crushed dandelions to our classmates. In the sixth grade, we wrote a play, rehearsed it for several weeks and performed for our teachers at a community centre as a way of saying “We’ll miss elementary school!” We even printed a monthly newspaper (which was really two stapled pages) amongst ourselves where we shared stories, jokes, etc. That didn’t last very long though. And every year we would have a Christmas party – and still do to this day.

I think it’s safe to say that we were geeks. We loved school and loved seeing each other everyday. As we grew older and moved onto junior high, we began prayer meetings during lunch hour once a week. Our sleepover conversations would revolve around faith and God. I credit those years of my childhood for boosting my spiritual development and growth. Eventually, high school came around and we went to different schools but we still kept in touch and remained as close as ever. We even attended each other’s grad/prom nights. I was actually most anxious about the fate of our friendship when it was time for us to leave for university. My mother had told me that she also had had a close group of friends, but after high school she had stopped seeing them. I didn’t want that to happen to us, and thankfully it didn’t.

Although we were spread throughout the country attending different schools and pursuing different degrees, we still made time for one another. We’ve never missed a Christmas together and would savour the time we had in the summer to catch each other up on anything new and exciting. We even made a time capsule (see? we’re geeks!) of memorabilia or random things we want to remember years from now. Today we’re practically working women. These past couple of months have only reminded me that nothing has changed. If anything, we’ve grown closer (if that’s even possible). They have inspired me and motivated me to be a better person ever since the first day I met them. We hold each other accountable, edify one another, learn from each other and support each other – and that’s something I truly cherish in a friendship. We are incredibly different people who want very different things. Some of our personalities are almost polar opposites, but because of all the history we’ve had and all the ups and downs we’ve been through together – it’s only another reason why I love this group of girls.


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