I Love and I Hate

I like making lists. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a to-do list, a reading list or a bucket list. I really (and strangely?) enjoy listing things. Today, I am in one of those moods where I feel the urge to make a list. Two, actually – of things I love and hate. They are the most ordinary and little things in life, but these are the things that make me either laugh, cry or scream.


1. Old architecture – Whenever I’m traveling (especially in Europe), I love admiring the architecture and detail of old buildings. There’s so much history and age behind them that I have to just stop and marvel at it.

2. When the sun is just about to set and everything is golden – It only lasts for about fifteen minutes, but it’s my absolute favourite time of day.

3. Clothes fresh out of the dryer – One of the best feelings is to take a sweater or towel out of the dryer on a cold winter day and to wrap yourself in it relishing the warmth and the clean scent. That’s comfort right there.

4. When I do a successful parallel park on the first try – I can drive fine, but when it comes to parking it can get a little sketchy. On those rare occasions where I can slide into a spot without having to reverse and try again, it’s such a satisfying success!

5. Interesting book covers – I’m not going to lie, I judge books by their covers all the time. If I like how a book looks, I will pick it up. I love the creativity, colours and wit that cover artists come up with.

6. Old Christmas carols – Ahh… Bing Crosby and Dean Martin. You know the type. When it comes on the radio, it’s such a relief amongst all the contemporary teen pop renditions of I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.

7. When you’re late going to the movie theatre and just as you sit down, the movie starts – YES for skipping all the commercials and trailers and not missing the beginning of the film!

8. Finishing a good book – After reading the last page. I read the summary of the back of the book again, then the biography of the author that’s included either at the beginning or end of the book. Then I study the details on the cover, read the reviews of the book on the inside cover, let out a satisfied sigh and flip through and read my favourite parts of the book again.

9. Driving through row after row of green lights – No stops. Pure efficiency.

10. Sitting at a coffee shop with good friends and talking for hours – Or anywhere for that matter. None of that small talk. I love it when conversation goes deep and when it gets you thinking about things you’ve never thought about before. I also love getting caught up with where my friends are at in their lives while exchanging and laughing over little anecdotes. I never tire of it!


1. Automated telephone messages – I dash across the room to answer the phone and I don’t even get to speak to a real person. It’s disappointing. Worse when they begin with: “Congratulations! You have just been selected for a survey!”

2. When I’m the only person in a store and all seven sales associates watch me as I shop – It makes me feel self-conscious and like I’m being judged by what I choose to try on. Now I just wait until a store fills up with more people before entering.

3. The sound of children screaming – Ugh. We’ve all heard it before. At restaurants, on the airplane, at the mall… The sheer sound of high-pitched shrieking makes me want to walk over, shake some sense into the child and scream “STOP IT!!” But that would probably be frowned upon by their parents.

4. Sleeping on old hotel beds – The thought of hundreds of people having slept in the same bed brings out the already emerging germaphobe in me. I try to touch as little of the bed as possible so I wear long sweat pants, socks, a hoodie and put the hood over my head so my head doesn’t touch the pillow. I also make sure I do not touch the brown blanket in between the white sheets so I fold the white sheet several times at the top… Did I just lose a few subscribers?

5. When people don’t cover their faces when sneezing or coughing – I can’t help but imagine all their airborne germs charging towards me, so out of an old childhood habit, I always hold my breath and turn away.

6. When horror films portray children as demonic or evil characters – It just doesn’t sit right with me. I refuse to even watch the trailers when they come up on TV.

7. Hearing stories of animal cruelty – A friend of mine who volunteers at a humane society told me how a kitten was dropped off by its owner after a failed attempt of flushing it down the toilet. This breaks my heart and makes me furious.

8. Scraping the ice off my car – It’s -30°C/-22°F and completely dark out, I’m running late, my toes and fingers begin to lose all remaining circulation and sensation and the ice refuses to detach itself off my windshield. This is when I start promising myself inane things like moving to the equator for all of eternity.

9. Seeing kids toss their homemade lunches into the garbage can – Even as a kid, I hated seeing food go to waste. And knowing that their mum or dad took the time and effort to prepare it makes it even worse.

10. Bittermelon, mango and papaya – I’m really not a picky eater, but these three foods right here I absolutely refuse to eat. Yuck.

That’s all I can think of right now. What about you? What sort of things do you love or loathe?




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