Bittersweet Vancouver

Well it’s been a slow week on posts and I’ll tell you why! My family and I spent the last five days in the city of Vancouver helping my sister move into an apartment just in time for the coming school year. It was wonderful to spend this time enjoying each other’s company before the inevitable departure. Besides loading her pantry with groceries and scrubbing down the entire place, we also got to tour the campus (which is quite stunning), dine in fantastic little restaurants and cafés, eat so much sushi and sashimi until we simply couldn’t budge and of course get cupcakes from none other than… CupcakesThe shop is not only well known for their tasty treats, but the owners are also the stars of the reality show Cupcake Girls on the WNetwork. And if you’re anything like me, you know you can’t just have one, which is why in the end we opted for twelve mini cupcakes – one of each flavour!

While traipsing through Vancouver, I received a call from a school board asking if I would be interested in teaching one week from now at a town four-five hours away from where I currently live. I unfortunately had to turn them down for several reasons. One, it’s such short notice – I would have virtually zero time to plan or prepare anything much less find a place to live. Second, I already made a commitment at my church to teach Sunday School this fall as well as be a small group leader for our university fellowship, so backing out at the last minute (especially since the need is very high) would be, for lack of better words, a jerk thing to do. Once I hung up the phone, I felt rather sad. In retrospect, I think it was because I hated the timing of everything. I told myself that had they called me a week earlier, I would have probably accepted, but by now it is much too late. Up to that point, I had finally been content with not teaching this coming school year and having that phone call made me feel discouraged and disappointed all over again. *sigh* I’m just going to swallow this bitter pill and continue on my way.

The rest of the trip wasn’t so melancholy. I had fun helping my sister shop for supplies and whatnot and meet her friends at her church as well. It was however sad to say goodbye to her (and I must admit there were some tears that were shed), but I think she will be happy there as she has a close circle of friends. The next morning after filling up the tank and stopping for a coffee, we were on our way back home. I spent the majority of the drive playing Sudoku, listening to my favourite musicals and contemplating on what to do this coming September…


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