The Ultimate Cousin Bonding Time

The last couple of days have been chock full of summer goodness – everything from boating to chasing food trucks. It all started when my dear cousin decided to come up from sunny California to visit for a week. This of course called for an impromptu cousin reunion! We began the festivities with pies at our favourite pie shop then onto hunting for a nearby food truck where we indulged in yummy poutine. Later on, we kayaked at the lake until our arms could no longer function and headed home for homemade raspberry ice cream. As you can clearly see, we love to eat. We also love to laugh. I find I become so much sillier than usual whenever I’m around them. I don’t know why that is. Perhaps it’s because a lot of the time that we’re together, we’re playing or doing something fun.

The day after, we (my sisters and I) met with our cousins from the other side of the family. We had planned to paint pottery for a while so we were all very excited to choose our pottery pieces and etch out a design. We ended up staying at the pottery shop for nearly four hours (it takes a lot longer than you’d think!) but it was all good fun. By the time we finished, we were all staaarving, so we ordered take-out from a nearby restaurant and pretty much inhaled the food as soon as we got home. The night ended with a Steve Carell movie and intense video gaming – what better way to spend a drizzling evening, right?

What I love about my cousins is that although the age difference between us is far apart, every get together of ours is as playful and easy-going as it has always been. It started with make-believe games, simon says, hide and go seek – how wonderful that our love for play has grown with us! These past few days have also brought my sisters and I closer – because really, how often do we trek off to the lake and stuff ourselves with pies together? Whether it be immediate or extended, family has never been more endearing to me. I hope it will stay this way ten, twenty years from now, because then we can really say that some things never change.




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