Contentment with the unknown

I had an interview this morning! It was at a Christian school right here in the city and the position is for a part-time Spanish teacher. Let me begin by saying how lovely that interview session was! Unlike the previous August interview (gr. 4-12 French, gr. 7-8 Science) I felt calm and not nervous at all. I think it was because I prayed before going into the school. All I asked was that God would calm my heart, help me not to be nervous but to speak calmly and confidently. And praise Him because He was with me the whole time! I felt peaceful and confident. I don’t know if it’s because of the Christian atmosphere (actually I’m sure that has a lot to do with it) but even way back in June when I had my first interview at another Christian school I felt so comfortable and… “at home” in a sense.

So anyway, it all went down very nicely. They began by offering me coffee and I still have right here beside me a half-finished extra large black coffee from Tim Hortons. The interview was with the superintendent and the principal of the school and may I add, were so friendly and welcoming. They began by telling me about the school and then asked me to share my testimony of salvation, so I did. There is something absolutely exciting and wonderful about sharing your testimony with fellow Christians – especially if they could potentially be your future employers. The superintendent asked how I envision my first day of teaching and I described to the both of them everything from establishing seating arrangements to explaining classroom routines and procedures. After I finished he said he could see that I was very familiar with Harry Wong (hooray!) and I was pleasantly surprised that they knew The First Days of School. 

I also shared with them my background and I told them that I had attended a Christian school in that school division from grade 3 to grade 9, which I found later to be a huge asset in applying for that school division as they love to hire former students. They continued to ask me questions – and some very good ones I must say! They wanted to know my opinion on the “no zero policy” as well as how I have been influenced by a great teacher (I shall share this story some other day). During this entire time, I was thinking to myself, “I think I can do this! I can see myself teaching Spanish in this school!” – until they told me that the grade 8 and 9 classes were quite advanced and practically fluent in Spanish. They said that the previous teachers have been native speakers and now I’m thinking, “Game over”. Introductory Spanish I can do, perhaps even the level above that, but advanced? I… don’t know if I can. So they asked me what my comfort level is in teaching Spanish and I told them honestly I am the most comfortable at the beginner level and I can give basic instructions in Spanish, but I am by no means fluent. I also told them that I didn’t want to let down students who were used to native speaking teachers, but they told me that I could learn a lot from teaching those advanced classes. It was reassuring to hear, but I still felt feel uneasy about taking on those classes.

The rest of the interview went smoothly and they seemed to really like my responses and my attitude towards teaching. I walked out of the interview feeling good and so thankful to God. I know that no matter what happens, He’s got the perfect fit for me whether it be at this school or another. So whatever the outcome is, I will continue to praise Him and rely on Him. You know, way before I even entered the Education Faculty, I thought I wanted to teach at a public school so I could set a Christ-like example for my students (it seemed like a noble challenge), but after being rejected by the public school board and really not feeling at peace about that other interview (also public), I’m starting to rethink where I am meant to be. Whatever happens, I know I’m in good hands. The drive home was full of joy and peace because I knew I wasn’t in control of my life (and I know how the world would be astounded to hear that seemingly abominable idea) – but God is. How reassuring, how comforting to know that you can trust Him to guide you and to lead you to His good purpose. And so I will continue to follow and listen. And I can quite honestly say that… I am content!




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