Not just a glorified brownie

Well my friends, as you can see the chocolate almond torte turned out beautifully. At a second glance, it looks strikingly similar to a brownie but it’s not! Unlike cake, a torte does not have flour in it, instead it has ground nuts (in this case almonds) or other fillings such as bread crumbs. The result is that it does not rise as much as a cake and lovely cracks begin to form on the surface. Normally, cracks and a sunken cake is undesired but for a torte, this is exactly what should happen!

The recipe we used advised us to roast the almonds before  grinding them and we had accidentally skipped this step, so if you happen to follow the same recipe and you remember to roast the almonds, tell me how it tastes like! I imagine it would be more aromatic. To my utter delight, I found a springform pan in my kitchen that made plating the dessert oh so easy. The only thing I would do differently next time would be to omit the parchment paper because it resulted in the torte’s edges baking into squiggly lines instead of a smooth edge. Otherwise, it looked picture perfect, especially once we sifted the icing sugar and topped it off with strawberries. It does taste very much like a brownie so I wonder what it would turn out like if we had used a different torte recipe with no chocolate.

Baking this torte was so simple and the best thing about it (to me anyway) is that it isn’t heavy like a typical brownie, but it is light and not too sweet. Would I use this recipe again? Absolutely. And I encourage you to try it as well! Stay with me because next time we will be making lemon cupcakes with raspberry frosting. Mmm…




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